The Rules


GRANTS - eiffel

In general terms, participants all purchase or borrow an old beater or random ride and see if it will make the 300 mile route… with a series of challenges! Poorly drawn maps will be provided at the start and bonus points if you go the long way to Athens. Usually the off road portion thins out the cars which we might deem as “too nice” – but it’s not mandatory to go off road. Nothing is mandatory really, it’s just a rolling shit show. Costumes are highly encouraged, but again, not necessary. Start is 9:00am in downtown Italy, Texas (don’t worry, you’ll see us!) on Saturday, April 7, 2017. We stop for lunch in Athens, since it IS the world rally of Texas! The end of the route is, either where your car shits the bed, or if your lucky at the famous cowboy hat Eiffel Tower in Paris. After the photo op, prizes are awarded at 107 Beer Garden. A few of us will be staying at the luxurious Parisian Motel Six, where further non-driving antics will occur.