The Cars

We don’t have a specific set of guidelines. Prior entries range from mid-80’s beige caddillacs to faux wood clad Chrysler products. The object is to generally get the most ridiculous ride for the least amount of money. To give some idea of the kinds of whips roll out, there are trophies awarded for “best oil leak” and “most luxurious beater”. We do separate the vehicles into two categories – A large “X” is applied to the hood of cars which are “Fair Game” and those nicer rides without the “X” are spared projectiles and the rare PIT maneuver.

Here’s Mark’s Caddy named “Cordelia”. Rumor has it she’ll have side pipes!

Crashtest Carl just picked up this old Bimmer… It looks good from afar, but far from good!

GRANTS - danny p

Uh, of course this baby belongs to Dan! Broke the shocks last year, lets see what he breaks this year!

Tommy Hale’s Trusty Rusty Caddy will make the run once again!