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Thanks For Coming Out!

The weather outside was frightful, but a bunch of ya’ll ignored that and joined our idiotic caravan! I brought the school bus (sorry for the tomatoes coming at you in a high rate of speed!) But the bus was handy as a shelter from the rain and Christian’s easy up and G-Wood’s truck gave us a nice encampment!

Shout out to Shay Rodgers and his son for winning the Vic Melnick Memorial Trophy in their $400 Geo Metro! There will be a trophy presentation in a couple of weeks!

Save The Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019

Think of it as a mix between the worlds of Burt Reynolds and Wes Anderson; more of a state of mind than a state of reality. It is a car rally (not a race) with a set of varying rules which we won’t divulge since we don’t know exactly what they are yet. In general terms, participants all purchase or borrow an old beater or random ride and see if it will make the 300 mile route… with a series of challenges! Poorly drawn maps will be provided at the start and bonus points if you go the long way to Athens.

The rally ends in Paris, so some of us get hotel rooms at the motel 6 and continue the soireé. There is also a hampton inn close by if that fills up.

R.S.V.P. on Facebook, HERE, so we know how much banana pudding to make!