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The Route

We meet up in Italy, Texas around 9 am, you can’t miss us. After we assure the Italian Police officer that we won’t be drag racing (especially since there isn’t 300 horsepower in our combined fleet), we will spend an hour kabitzing and then our fearless leader (we’re taking applications on this position} will hand out a poorly drawn map.

From there the only hard and fast rules are any ejectables must be biodegradable. (Tortillas and bologna work amazingly well). If you don’t want shit thrown at your car, let us know and we will abide by that. If you’re in a true shitbox and don’t mind it’s mostly light hearted projectiles.

We head out around 10-ish and make our way to Athens for lunch and pictures at the square downtown. After lunch the shit show trails its way to Paris, Texas where we meet at the convention center under the redneck Eiffel Tower. Then we head of libations and the evening finishes out at the Motel 6 in Paris. There’s a Hampton in across the freeway as well, better get your reservations if you haven’t already.

We do want to stress that this is not a race, there’s no reason to speed, break any big laws or generally cause any negative attention to the crew. Thank ya!